Colonization by Bloodworms (Chironomidae Larvae) using Artificial Substrates in Floodplain Waters: Effect of Exposure Periods and Season

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Chironomidae larvae or bloodworms are natural food that has the nutrients suitable for freshwater fish needs. This study aims to determine the effect of exposure periods of artificial substrates and season on increase of bloodworms biomass. The highest quantity of bloodworms biomass in artificial substrates was obtained during the exposure periods of 14-21 days in March (high water phase). Bloodworms biomass were positively correlated with water quality parameters such as nitrate (r = 0.848), orthophosphate (r = 0.805) and pH (r = 0.662) whereas negatively correlated with total suspended solid (r = - 0.642). Bloodworm production capacity in floodplain waters reached 1.934 tons dry-weight.ha-1.yr-1. The production of bloodworms in floodplain waters using artificial substrate can support the availability of natural food for fish farming.