The effects of Fairy Shrimp Phallocryptus spinosa (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) as live food on reproduction performances and color of freshwater ornamental fish prawns

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Fairy shrimps are freshwater Anostracans which have a great importance to provide live food for cultured sturgeon, trout and ornamental fish due to high nutritional value, high individual biomass, rich carotenoid pigments and potential for bioencapsulation with PUFA, Vitamins and drugs for delivery into the recipient organism and adaptation to freshwater. Prawn ornamental fish genera, including Angel Fish, Green Tailor, Severum, Gourami, Corydoras, Flower and Afra after adaptation were fed with two test groups, granulated concentrate supplemented with cow heart and spinach as manual diet and granulated concentrate supplemented with fairy shrimp (Phallocryptus spinosa) as live food. Each treatment was performed in three replicates and conducted in one month. The standard culture, propagation condition and physico-chemical factors of water were provided at optimal condition for each group. In all fish genera, feeding with fairy shrimp showed a significant higher fecundity and hatching percentage compared to manual diet (p<0.05). In all groups fed with fairy shrimp the duration of spawning time were reduced 5-12 days and their colors were significantly changed.