Spatiotemporal evolution of physicochemical parameters in the landfill leachate of Berkane city (Eastern Morocco)

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Leachate from municipalities’ landfills represents a potential health risk to ecosystems in generally and human populations in particularly. This study which was taken during year from 2006 to 2007 was focused to study the physicochemical evolution of the leachate from the technical enfouissment center of the Berkane city (eastern of Morocco). The analyses of the sampled leachate revealed strong content of biodegradable organic matter (BOD = 264.38 mg/l), mineral matter (conductivity = 23.33 ms/cm) and of suspended matter (SM = 38.38 mg/l). Contents in nitrate (NO3 = 53.96 mg/l) were also revealed. The long-term monitoring of the evolution of physicochemical parameters in polluted leachate, on how environmental conditions change over time, could then lead to models useful in the prediction of natural attenuation in aquifers.