Length-weight relationship, body shape variation and asymmetry in body morphology of Siganus guttatus from selected areas in five Mindanao bays

Document Type : Primary Research paper



This study was conducted to describe length-weight relationship, body shape, and asymmetry in body morphology of S. guttatus and their possible implication in broodstock selection and aquaculture. Shape analysis was done applying the method of geometric morphometrics. The length (L)-weight (W) relationships (LWR) were estimated using the equation, W=aLb. Fluctuating asymmetry analysis was performed in each sex using landmark coordinates and six morphologic characters measured for both right and left lateral side. Results revealed variations in body shapes between sexes and populations of the fish, the LWR of female and male S. guttatus show positive and negative allometric growth respectively. In females, this could be attributed to the capability of rearing large number of eggs. Variations in body shapes, large body area, heavier body and longer body length were the characteristics of adult S. guttatus identified to be possibly the most favorable characters which could produce high quality recruits for aquaculture purposes.