Morphological variations in Boeckella poopoensis (Marsh, 1906) (Copepoda, Calanoida) in two shallow saline ponds (Chile) and potential relation to salinity gradient

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The calanoid copepod Boeckella poopoensis (Marsh, 1906) is a widespread species inhabiting South American inland saline waters with gradient of salinity between 5-90 g/dm3 and it can be practically considered as obligate component of zooplankton of saline lakes. The aim of the present study is to analyze and compare morphometrically two populations of this species collected during two seasons in two small saline ponds with different salinity levels, located in northern Chile. The results of PCA revealed that the salinity would be weakly inversely associated with morphometric parameters, whereas many morphometric parameters are significantly directly associated. The results revealed that the salinity would not generate significant morphometric alterations in adults of B. poopoensis.