Habitat studies of freshwater mussel (Etheria elliptica) in some water bodies in Ondo State Nigeria

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The report of the decline in the population of Etheria elliptica necessitate the habitat study of the mussel in river Ogbese and Owena reservoir, Ondo state, Nigeria in order to know the status of the organism within the ecosystem. Thirty (30) specimens each from the water bodies were sampled between May to August 2012. The meristic variables and the condition factor of mussels showed that the samples from Owena reservoir (K = 16.33) were heavier than River Ogbese (K = 8.34). The water quality parameter buttress a better mussel in Owena reservoir, this is as a result of controlled human activities experienced by the reservoir. Nevertheless, the water quality parameters obtained from both water bodies were within the requirements of the mussel. Positive allometric growth pattern was observed in Etheria elliptica from both water bodies (Ogbese b = 3.02; Owena b = 3.01). The flow rate of both water bodies differ slightly, with river Ogbese having the highest flow rate. The study revealed that Etheria elliptica in both study areas were in good and healthy conditions despite the various human activities on the water bodies.