Salinity effects on survival and life history of Daphnia magna

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Salinity is one of the most significant problems that the environment of Iraqi freshwater faces where the suffering of the Tigris, Euphrates and the Shatt al-Arab Rivers as well as land in the past with only the finest of the clear increase in the quantity of salts. There is relatively a little information available on the responses and adaptations of freshwater organisms penetrating into brackish water. Bearing this in mind, we studied the acute and chronic effects of different salinity values in: Daphnia magna Straus, Salinity experiments were based on successive dilutions of a stock solution of coarse salt was collected from the land of Wasit Governorate-Iraq, The mortality was significantly affected by the interactive effect of suspended bentonite clay Salinity significantly affected all physiological variables on both experimental occasions. Total protein slightly increased for Daphnia magna reared in salinity 0.5‰, 1‰, 1.5‰, than those reared in control group.