Pre-adults mosquito in fish species feeding

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The inclusion of Culex stigmatosoma and Cx. quinquefasciatus pre-adults mosquito was analyzed as live food for fish with ornamental potential (angel fish Pterophyllum scalare and zebra fish Brachidanio rerio), native (Mexican mojarra Cichlasoma istlanum) and endemic (Balsas catfish Ictalurus balsanus). Mosquito’s characteristics are: high nutritional quality, movement, soft body, availability, abundance and acceptance, which position the pre-adults mosquito as a potential live food for fish species. The aim was analyzing the pre-adults mosquito efficacy in the feeding fish. The information analyzed show significant increases, depending on the species, in fish fed with pre-adults mosquito; increment in weight of 32.10 to 49.32 mg/day, specific growth rate of 1.96 to 3.25% body weight/day, spawning frequency every 14.40 to 28.0 days, eggs number from 506.45 to 1477.2 per spawn, offspring production from 212.71 to 1322.2, survival of larvae from 42.21% to 85.0%, and adults from 85.99% to 100%. However, and despite the good results, the cultivation of mosquitoes is not recommended, but recollection and inclusion as a live food in the diet for freshwater is recommended.